Ticket to Rock Palo Alto

The Ticket to Rock booklet chronicles the many remarkable musicians who had their start or performed in Palo Alto, focusing on their schools and neighborhoods, which form the backdrop to a counterculture that began musically in this area.

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The Streets of Menlo Park

The Streets of Menlo Park is just not a compendium of street name origins—it is a book of people, those for whom the streets were named and those who developed them. Within this book is a story told through street names of how an American town was formed over the last 150 years.

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The Life and Times of Dennis Martin

The Life and Times of Dennis Martin is a definitive study of the most pervasive American pioneer of the mid-peninsula area of California.

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Pescadero is the author’s poetry anthology, covering poems written during adolescence to the current day.

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the death Ride by Bo Crane


Four veteran male bicycling buddies decide to take on The Death Ride, a one-day bike ride near Lake Tahoe in California.

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Memory and Desire by Bo Crane is a novel regarding the lives and loves during four different eras, each one located in an area around the Los Angeles River.

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of Heaven and Earth by Bo Crane


Of Heaven and Earth by Bo Crane explores the pre-Christian background of European peoples to uncover why they received Christianity more readily than did the peoples of the Mid-East where it originated.

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