Of Heaven and Earth by Bo Crane explores the pre-Christian background of European peoples to uncover why they received Christianity more readily than did the peoples of the Mid-East where it originated. The query results in a wonderful quest to Babylon, the Black Sea, to St. Athanasius and Attila the Hun, and of course, through the Bible itself in tracing its references. The book examines the personae of the gods, the Old Testament, the time of Christ, and the spreading of the gospel.

Amongst the eighty chapters are:

  • By the Rivers of Babylon
  • El Shaddai
  • David and Goliath
  • Harlots and Ishtar
  • Yeshua
  • The Fall of Jerusalem
  • Charlemagne
  • The Druids
  • Woden

“The Bible contains much more than the story of kings and prophets, gods and God:  it spans millenniums of human conditions and is a source for ways of viewing life and believing in God. From the earliest biblical times, there was a recognition of two realms:  an earth where people ate and slept, lived and died; and a heaven in which the stars and seven moving bodies existed, which excepting for the warmth providing sun, seemed to move about indifferent to man, beyond his understanding. Divine inspiration came from this kingdom to the one below.”

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