Bo Crane

Bo Crane

Bo Crane has authored books covering a variety of subjects:

  • Historical fiction of four eras set around the Los Angeles River

  • A non-fiction treatise regarding the spread of Christianity

  • Fictional account of a group of road bicyclists

  • A biography of an early pioneer who intially flourished but ultimately failed in the foothills west of Palo Alto

  • Fifty years of poetry

  • The origins of the Menlo Park street names

  • The players and neighborhoods of Palo Alto folk and rock musicians

Since taking Creative Writing and graduating with a degee in English from Stanford University, Bo, a life long resident of Palo Alto, had a career in project management in developing communities all over Northern California, from the Bay Area to Sacramento to Palm Springs to Monterey to Clear Lake. 

His outside interests included backpacking, skiing, as well as playing club rugby in the ‘70s, doing triathlons in the ‘80s and organized road biking centuries beginning in the ‘90s. In between work and retirement, he authored several works, fictional and non-fiction. Having retired, he has been serving as secretary of the Menlo Park Historical Association and Palo Alto Stanford Heritage, as well as being a member of the Palo Alto Historical Association and the Stanford Historical Society.